Acey Deucey Club’s new tiki bar is opening soon

Acey Deucey Club’s new tiki bar is opening soon

All aboard the tropical fall escape of Acey Deucey Club’s tiki bar submarine.

September 9, 2018

Tiki Bar Submarine

By Adam

The Acey Deucey Club wants more vacationers on its tropical island this year.

The tiki bar-turned-submarine is set to open this week (as one of the islands’s first new destinations). A photo posted by Acey Deucey (@aceydecuey) on Sep 8, 2018 at 2:53pm PDT

At the center of the island’s new attraction is a two-story tiki bar with an exterior modeled after the interior of an ocean liner. A two-story bar sits on the upper deck, home to a pool with underwater lighting, a lounge, and views of the Gulf of Mexico.

When the structure was initially announced, the tiki bar was to have a floor-to-ceiling glass wall that wraps around the second level to allow for views from the water. Now that the bar’s opening has been delayed, the glass-walled bar will open soon at a different location, presumably alongside the rest of the structure.

The bar is equipped with multiple televisions, a large outdoor bar and patio, multiple reclining chairs and an open-air dining deck. It also has several food stations, the most important of which is the two ocean-themed bars. On one you can sip your own concoction while on the other you can enjoy the view and the view of the beach on the main deck with a view of the pool.

The bar’s design is designed to resemble a ship’s bridge, with its two large circular glass walls on either side. The main bar is on the right side of the structure while the water bar, which is the most open space, is on the left side.

The center of the island has also been transformed with a new pool bar, which looks like a traditional tiki joint but is equipped with a wide variety of drinks — including a rum punch. The island also has a full-service spa and a new tiki lounge — a space that could be set to open by October 4, according to Acey Deucey’s website.

Deucey tells me that he envisions the tiki bar as somewhere he can take

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