Biden’s Wedding Date: May 6, 2013

Biden’s Wedding Date: May 6, 2013

What We Know About Naomi Biden’s White House Wedding

Biden’s marriage, which came with the $400 million, one-year option granted by the Obama administration to her for helping with Haiti, which in turn provided the $3 million needed for him to start his charity work in Haiti after his second term, became the focus of the Democratic presidential campaign. Despite it being a secret, it was made public when Obama made reference to it in a speech at the Democratic National Convention that followed Biden’s withdrawal announcement, and on Feb. 10, with the election over, Biden’s campaign released her wedding date: May 6, 2013, at St. Joseph’s Church in New York City, the same church where both she and Obama attended Sunday service on their first date. She says it would’ve been easy for Obama to not mention it, but he didn’t, and she didn’t ask. Her former husband says her “whole career was focused on not allowing any personal life to overshadow her professional and political life.”

Biden is the first African-American first lady, who also earned the nickname “first lady of Africa,” but she is one of the first African-American women to be nominated for a second term as vice president of the United States. Her former husband, while not a former president, is a former senator. Obama’s relationship with his former first lady has been marked by a deep respect, and while his wife’s role in the presidency is an increasingly important one, her relationship with Obamas is so important that she’s been the subject of the president’s personal phone, and, as Biden explains, “My personal life has nothing to do with my service in the White House.”

Since his first term as president, Obama has hosted five weddings at the White House, and Biden is the only one that was not invited. She, of course, says she wasn’t asked. “One could say, ‘Why didn’t you invite Sarah and Michelle and Valerie and Jill and Joe?’ And

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