Gov. Gavin Newsom blocks Patricia Krenwinkel’s 15th bid for parole

Gov. Gavin Newsom blocks Patricia Krenwinkel’s 15th bid for parole

Newsom blocks Manson follower Patricia Krenwinkel’s 15th bid for parole

Gov. Gavin Newsom blocked Patricia Krenwinkel’s 15th bid for parole, a day after Krenwinkel’s sentencing, with a statement saying he was “disappointed” in the state parole board’s decision.

“Today’s decision by the California Parole Board is a disappointment,” Newsom said in a statement. “Despite the board’s recommendation, I am not prepared to move forward with an expedited review of Ms. Krenwinkel’s case.”

Krenwinkel, 38, was convicted of murder in the 1983 death of her husband, Gary Krenwinkel. The couple, who worked at the Pasadena hospital, were killed when a burglar broke in while police were called to their home in the wealthy suburb.

Krenwinkel received more than 28 years in prison for killing her husband. Her sentencing, which came after a lengthy trial, included a special finding that she shot the intruder in self-defense, a finding that prosecutors disputed as a violation of her constitutional rights to due process.

Krenwinkel’s attorneys called the ruling “fundamentally unfair” and asked the court to reverse the sentence. The judge gave her a sentence of two years less than the statutory minimum.

The parole board recommended a reduced sentence. Her attorneys argued that she deserved an outright sentence of life in prison, as her lawyers contend she is the only surviving spouse of her husband, a wealthy man.

The board, in its July 28 decision, said Krenwinkel “has never met the criteria for being granted parole” and recommended that she be released after serving seven years, less than the 14 years she was sentenced.

That was the board’s recommendation on a request by Krenwinkel’s lawyers to move quickly so she could receive the treatment she needs for a possible heart issue after her release, her attorneys said. Krenwinkel’s attorneys also wanted an expedited review, which would be the first time in at least a decade that California has had

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