The DeSantis/Crist Republican Primary: Four Takeaways

The DeSantis/Crist Republican Primary: Four Takeaways

Four Takeaways From the DeSantis-Crist Debate in Florida’s Governor Race

The DeSantis/Crist Republican primary matchup is underway this Tuesday, with the winner poised to become Florida’s next governor. While both candidates are strong and have significant resources, they have sharply divergent approaches to education and health care.

The contrast is stark, but we at the Weekly Standard explored the DeSantis/Crist primary in detail, analyzing the candidates’ positions on specific education, health, and other issues. We found that the primary is a chance to learn a lot about these two strong candidates.

There are four main takeaways from the primary so far.

1. It’s a chance to see both strong candidates in action in an important, high-stakes election.

While Crist has done a good job of staying above the fray in recent weeks, he hasn’t been doing a good job of staying above the fray in the primary. DeSantis, who is running a high-intensity campaign, is fighting harder than Crist and is well ahead of him in the polls. But the governor race can sometimes be too close to really get a good look at the candidates and what they really believe.

You can tell the candidates’ strengths and weaknesses in this primary.

2. Health care, Florida’s economy, and education are the biggest issues facing voters.

This primary election is more about the economy and health care than it is about education or immigration in most states. Education will likely be the first big issue in the governor’s race once Crist becomes the nominee.

Health care is a much more important issue for Florida voters than immigration issues, largely because one-in-four Floridians are uninsured. Voters want someone who has a plan to fix the state’s terrible insurance market right now. And health-care policy is a central component of the economy.

As a result, health care is one of the biggest issues facing Florida.

3. Trump is a huge problem for Crist in the primary.

The primary is a chance for DeSantis to break out from his self-imposed media-apology cocoon, but it is no small feat. It is a chance for Crist

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