Toronto parents say they are more or less certain to get their children vaccinated

Toronto parents say they are more or less certain to get their children vaccinated

Two-thirds of Toronto parents ‘certain or somewhat likely’ to get young kids vaccinated against COVID-19, survey says – poll The majority of Toronto parents are in favour of vaccinating their young children against the coronavirus, according to a survey of more than 500 parents of children in grades 2 to 6. That percentage increased from 56 per cent in the last survey two weeks ago. The findings are the latest to point to a potential bump in vaccine uptake among some of the city’s youngest residents, after several children from the east end began showing COVID-19 signs in the early days of the pandemic. Those children are now either doing well or recovering.

“Toronto public health is committed to ensuring that all young children in the area are immunized against measles, mumps, rubella (MMR), chickenpox and rotavirus; and if a child is eligible for one of these vaccines, the vaccines will be administered.”

But the parents also asked for children to get “the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella if possible”.

The survey found 68.5 per cent of parents said they were more or less certain or “somewhat likely” to get their children vaccinated, up from 56.9 per cent in the last survey as of March 28. When questioned about their willingness to vaccinate their children, 57.5 per cent said they either “tend to” or “generally” agreed with it.

The survey, conducted over the same period, found that almost all parents in Toronto agree the government needs to cover their costs for the vaccine program. The vaccine against the virus is not fully in, but is under development. Only a minority were unwilling to get the full supply of vaccine, with just four per cent stating they were “absolutely” not willing.

Toronto Public Health said it has no plans to vaccinate all children in the city, noting there are some

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