Why Business Travel Providers Are Making Money From Flex Work Options

Why Business Travel Providers Are Making Money From Flex Work Options

Airlines Cash In as Flexible Work Changes Travel Patterns Make More Affordable Business Travel So Easy

If you’re a business traveler who has been paying a lot of dollars on expensive business travel, you’ve no doubt seen a recent shift in how business travel is priced. We’ve seen how much of a cost impact flexible work options have had—and now, for the first time ever, we’re seeing airlines and travel providers make money from flexible work options.

At a time where many companies are beginning to understand the value of flex, this trend has been on the rise for some time, and we saw it in a big way early on. In 2016, we saw several companies who had implemented flexible work policies receive over $2 billion in additional revenue.

What happens when you try to make everything work for you? What happens when airline travel is so much cheaper when you’ve got more control over when you go? You start to make more of it work. The fact that business travel can now be more affordable when you’ve got options is a huge benefit for companies big and small—and an enormous cost savings for them too.

But now, with such a big change in travel, it’s not only airlines who are making money by this shift in the market. Business travel providers are starting to make money by allowing businesses the flexibility to work when they want, and who they want.

We’ve seen this happen first with FlexJobs, a company that started the conversation that led to this wave of innovation. They launched their FlexJobs program, and made the decision to make it available for businesses of all sizes, while not having to pay additional fees per job, or any of the other costs of managing flex.

Not only did this enable the company to increase its sales, but it also helped make it more affordable for businesses of all sizes, not just businesses. Because every job was free, and there

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